Moving is time-consuming and stressful. However, breaking down the tasks, such as cleaning, packing, and scheduling, can help make the moving process less stressful.

Creating a moving-checklist can help you stay on track. It can also save you time and ensures you do the necessary tasks before your moving day. Read on to find out the best moving checklist: 

Complete Checklist for Moving

1. Create Your Budget

Moving can get expensive, so you need to create a budget for your moving expenses. Having a budget makes it easy to hire an affordable mover. Consider the cost of packing and extra load when creating your budget. Stick to your budget to avoid over-spending.

2. Ask for Estimates

Do not rush to hire the first professional mover you find. Compare the estimates of at least three movers, so schedule in-home estimates with these movers. Hire a mover that suits your budget, but ensure the mover has a good reputation and has been in this business for many years.

3. Read the Contract

Do not sign the contract of the mover before reading it. Contracts can intimidate you, especially if you have never signed one. It is important to read and understand the contents of the contract. Ask the mover for more explanations if there is something you do not understand. Do not sign a blank contract.

4. Select a School

Do you have children? Then, you might not want your kids to stay at home as you search for a new school in your new location. Look for the best school in the area before moving; choosing a school before moving can help you make plans for a smooth transition.

5. Pick a Moving Day

The most important day is your moving day. You need to be free on that day. Ask for time off work or move when you are free. Also, make sure your moving company will be available on that day. If possible, you can move on a weekday. This is because there is less traffic on a weekday than on weekends. You can also go through relocation tips online.

6. Get Rid of Some of Your Belongings

Get rid of the belongings you have not used for several years. Getting rid of them can save you money because it reduces your load especially if you are going to move across the states. Sell or donate them. Want to sell them? Then, plan a garage sale. Use the garage sale to get rid of most of your items. Then, donate the items that will not sell.

7. Inform Your Friends and Family

Do not wake up and move without informing your friends and family. Tell them you are moving and send them your new address. Some of them might even help you pack and move, which can save you money. Also, they can recommend a good moving company.

8. Purchase Moving Supplies

You may decide to pack your belongings to save some money, so you need moving supplies, such as box cutters, labels, tape, packing materials, and boxes. You do not have to purchase moving supplies if your mover supplies them. So, ask your mover before purchasing them.

9. Get Your Official Documents in Order

Change your address by filling out a change-of-address form with the U.S. Post Office. Also, change your address on the list of businesses and services. Confirm major details with your moving company. Send your new address to your doctor, personal trainer, and other service providers.

10. Pack Your Valuable Items

Do not leave your small family heirlooms, jewelry, and valuable paperwork with your mover. Keep the special items close to you. You can take them with you in the car or use a trackable shipping service with insurance. It is difficult to replace them, so keep them safe.

11. Take Photos

You need a record of your belongings. You will inspect your belongings once your mover delivers them. However, you may not remember all of your items, so take photos of your items before moving them. Also, pictures can help you identify damages or scratches on your items, such as furniture. Your mover can compensate you for these damages.

12. Clean Your Old Home

Leave your old home clean, so hire a reputable cleaning service to clean your house. You can search for the right cleaning service a few days before your moving day. Hire a reputable cleaning service to deep clean your house once your mover leaves the house. You can even clean your house a day after your moving day. You now know the best moving checklist, so use it to make your move stress free.